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Killer Whale I - "Strength, Bravery"

Product Information

This design is available in the following products:

Product Item Number Price
Brooch WP4 $22.00
Bolo WB4 $26.00
Necklace with Black Cord WN4 $26.00
Necklace with Leather and Bone Beads WNF4 $32.00
Framed Shadow Box to Hang on Wall WF4 $32.00
Collectible on Stand WC4 $28.00
Round Spirit Box WX4 $34.00
Christmas Ornament (Hanger) WO4 $22.00
Magnet WM4 $22.00
Smaller Size Available 4a  

When you see "Smaller Size Available" this means you can purchase any of the products listed on this page with one of two different sizes of mask. The cost is the same regardless of the size of mask you choose. Just add an "a" to the part number to request the product with a small mask.


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